I write about landscape, place and nature.

I regularly publish stand-alone pieces on my blog, but my work occasionally coalesces into extended projects. In 2015–16 my friend Michael Rush and I each contributed one, thousand-word textual portrait of a place per month for one year to a project called 24,000 Words. In 2020–21 I kept a journal of my son and I’s explorations and connections to our landscape in that strangest of years, which I have gathered under the title A Circling Year. I have also recently experimented with regular collections of shorter pieces and reviews, so far completing six issues of Field Studies. I have contributed pieces to the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England’s Ways of Seeing magazine and to the National Trust and Land Lines’ The Writes of Spring nature diary in 2019 and 2020. I am currently developing my work with nature writer Amanda Tuke and have a piece featured in her anthology of ‘Thumbnail Nature‘ writing.

I spent 11 years researching, writing and teaching in the Philosophy Department at the University of Manchester, first as a PhD student and then for seven years as a postdoctoral fellow. I oriented all my research and teaching around questions concerning the human relationship with the natural environment, and published widely in journals such as Environmental Values and Environmental Ethics, and in edited collections such as The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Political Theory (published by Oxford University Press) and Old World and New World Perspectives in Environmental Philosophy (published by Routledge).